Monday, April 4, 2011

Muvluv Extra/Unlimited

Prelude to the one of the most Epic Visual Novel

It has been a while that i played any VN since i was occupied with SRW or my Plastic Model, but when the Muvluv Alternative english patch is finished i decided to finish this game first. The first Muvluv VN is divided into 2 parts Extra and Unlimited where Extra is your regular Slice of Life while Unlimited takes place in apocalyptic settings.

Muvluv Extra revolves around a normal high schooler Shirogane Takeru who had a regular life with his childhood friend, Sumika. However one day he finds a girl sleeping in his bed who called herself Mitsurugi Meiya and she is successor of the largest company in the world, Mitsurugi Corporation. Thus Shirogane's ordinary life changed to extraordinary.

After you finished Sumika and Meiya route in Extra you will be able to play unlimited. in Muvluv Unlimited Takeru with the Extra epilogue memory find himself in apocalyptic world where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to the invasion of Alien creature known as BETA. In this series story Takeru is trained as unit 207 Cadets who will pilot Bipedal Mecha known as Tactical Surface Fighter(TSF) or Senjutsuki.

I would say the quality of Muvluv Extra/Unlimited is a great, definitely it is able to distinguish itself with other mediocre VN. If you play the route first time you might find it long since i find that most route share most of the main stories and only differ near the end of the game which lead to respective Heroine as well. Extra might be a generic slice of life but the humor is pretty good and Sumika and Meiya are well written Heroine. As for Unlimited the main story are written in the same structure of Extra where each Heroines share same main story with different ending. One thing about Unlimited is that the ending is rather sad which you will have to figure out on your own. Too bad there is no mecha action in this VN which you have to wait in Alternative.

If you are going to play Muvluv Alternative i would recommend to play Muvluv Extra/Unlimited first since it will explain several stuffs happen in the story which you will find confusing. You can read the manga adaptation of the VN which explain the Main Story pretty well. Currently i played Alternative and  no doubt it is one of the best VN ever made. I am thinking of getting the Takemikazuchi 00-R soon since i had enough knowledge to appreciate the mecha.

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  1. The whole thing is epic. It's really surprising to see how many hints Extra throws at you about the plot but one can't manage to even notice them until much later in Alternative. Talk about clever, je.
    I highly suggest you the Takemikaduchi kit. Sure, it has some problems but the overall design and engineering is quite good. I'm eagerly awaiting for more TSF releases of Kotobukiya. Specifically a blue UN Shiranui with the Isumi Valkyries markings =p.