Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mecha Talk YMT-05 Hildolfr

One of Zeon's scrapped project

For the Mecha talk this time i will talk about one of the Protoype mecha of Zeon during One Year War which appear in MS Igloo.

Hildolfr is designed for providing long range support with the 33 cm cannon as the main armament which capable of shooting down Zaku easily. Due to the heavy recoil, Hildofr had to brace itself by planting down its hidden arm on the ground to fire accurately. Hildolfr also equipped with pair of 105 mm Zaku Machine gun as secondary armament in case Hildolfr is pinned to close quarter combat. Personally i am quite fond of with this mecha design since it is a cool hybrid between a tank and mecha. Probably Hildolfr is capable of surpassing Guntank due to its 33 cm Cannon which has longer range compared to Guntank's Shoulder cannon.

If Hildolfr were put into mass production i don't think Zeon will have to suffer heavy losses of their Zakus due to being harassed by Federation's Guntank and probably Odessa will not be lost earlier if some of Hildolfrs are deployed. However i doubt several numbers of Hildolfr is even capable of shooting down RX-78-2 Gundam since the reaction time of pilot which makes solid weapon able to hit it despite the 33cm cannon is powerful enough to scrap Gundam's armor.

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