Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Another good Chinese history manga that i read recently which you can't judge by its cover! I stumble upon this manga when i was lurking at /a/ manga recommendation thread and it turns out Bokko is quite interesting read. Unlike most Chinese History manga which usually based on San Guo/3 Kingdoms Era, Bokko takes place in Ancient China era roughly before the rise of Qin Dynastywhen China was still divided into 7 states. The manga tells about the adventure of a man called Kakuri of Bokk clan which are renowned for their superior defense strategy in Siege. Throughout the story Kakuri offers cities help to defend against attackers while slowly uncovering conspiracies revolving around his clan which would change the future of China. What makes the manga particularly special is its richness of tactics and strategies which you will probably like if you are a fan of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Bokko shows some pretty sophisticated siege tactics which i didn't expect from China in that era. While the manga feels abit dragged on later half of the manga, i would recommend to read until the first siege ends since it is probably the best part that Bokko offers. Anyway if you read Sangokushi you will be also interested with Bokko

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