Friday, August 10, 2012

Gihren's Greed Char's Counterattack playthrough

After i finished Gihren's Campaign, i am farming plenty of Intervention points for secret units until i got enough to unlock Gundam Unicorn. During the points farming, i managed to complete Amuro's and Char's CCA campaign which means i have played all available main campaigns in Shin Gihren. Overall the campaign is pretty interesting and i see some paralels of CCA Event. in Amuro's campaign it turns out that Londo Bell have to face Neo Zeon for another Decisive battle in Sweet Water Colony even after they managed to stop Axis descent to earth. Whereas for Char have to drop Luna 2 to Earth to land decisive blow to EFSF as Axis drop is not sufficient to force earthlings migrating to space.

The campaign's difficulty is not that bad considering the length of the campaign is practically half of Gihren's or Revil's size.  In CCA Campaign, both Amuro and Char lacked of Ace pilots in disposal which some good units like Hi Nu are wasted if you don't spend some points for extra pilots. Newtypes in this campaign are even more broken compared to OYW time as no Jegans or Geara Doga will able to touch Amuro or Char once they pilot their Final unit. Moreover any MS with Funnel capability are pretty much make any grunt mincemeat as they are capable of post-movement MAP weapon which can ruin your day easily which i prefer to see them nerfed. The CCA campaign also feature some UC Gundam units though i think there will be more in the next installment which i would love to see more units for CCA Campaign (though last time i recalled EFSF doesn't got much units for CCA MSV). Lastly i finally managed to unlock Unicorn Gundam as playable unit which is pretty good though it can't last really long in NT-D mode.

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