Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zanma Taisei Deus Machina Demonbane

Another VN that i managed to clear from my Backlog and at the same time adds to my list of Nitroplus title that i have finished(that makes the 4th one!). I have watched the anime before and now just like other VN that got Anime adaptation, i see how the former medium of the story proves itself to be superior. By far Demonbane probably is the longest Nitroplus VN that i have played as it takes roughly about 30 hours to finish all the route in Demonbane.

Loosely based from HP Lovecraft Works, Demonbane tells story about Heroic adventure of Private Investigator Daijuuji Kurou against Evil Organization called Black Lodge after his fateful encounter with a mysterious girl called Al-Azif who claimed herself to be the Strongest Grimoire called Necronomicon. Throughout his fight with Black Lodge, Kurou also pilots a mysterious robot named Deus Machina Demonbane that seemingly hold a great Destiny with him.

The main theme of the Demonbane is Hope and Despair as from time to time Kurou will face impossible ordeal from Black Lodge yet somehow managed to prevail in the end as if defying fate itself. There are 3 heroine routes in this game which share common main route throughout the game and gradually separate by the end of Innsmouth arc.

From the sky scorched with hatred
With righteous anger in our heart
we draw forth the sword that smites evil
You Are-- Your name is----
Thou art Innocent Blade! Demonbane!

Overall i find Demonbane is quite enjoyable ride though it is still far from perfect as i find the writing is mediocre at best. Unlike Saya no Uta, Demonbane is not really Lovecraftian Horror and really sucks at it which i wonder if it was intentionally done so. While The VN borrow some well known names from Lovecraft works like Cthulhu, Arkham, Nyarlathothep, etc .The VN doesn't seem to make use these names as it is supposed to be and their portrayals are just plain pathetic and kinda disrespectful to Lovecraft.

  The mecha design in Demonbane is also not that appealing for me apart from Demonbane or Liber Legis as the other Deus Machinas design doesn't really feel like a mecha of its caliber since Deus Machinas supposed to be really Strong. While i am usually indifferent with H related stuff in a VN, i would say the H-scene in Demonbane is rather unpalatable which i will leave the readers to figure out themselves.

Despite of its plenty of noticeable shortcomings, Demonbane give birth to a Lovecraftian Super Robot which is redeeming enough. I can say Demonbane would make a really good material for SRW even better than Muv-luv if Banpresto can disregard the Eroge status of the series. Demonbane got some awesome side characters like Doctor West(his seiyuu is really awesome reprising this role) or Winfield and supported by plenty of senior seiyuu who contributes alot to Mecha anime world like Norio Wakamoto, Nobuyuki Hiyama or Hikaru Midorikawa(who i heard that he asked SRW director to include Demonbane into SRW). Also who can forget the best Gothic Loli out there! Al-Azif which is one of the best of her kind!

Demonbane also got some good music which Nitroplus usually offer in their works and i particularly like "Those who will challenge the Divine Will". In the end Demonbane still got most stuff that makes a Super Robot enjoyable and up until now Al-Azif is still my favorite heroine from Nitroplus works.

In short if you like Super Robot and some Shonen Hotblooded action you are coming for one heck of Rollercoaster ride. But if you went for this VN for its Lovecraftian content probably you will be disappointed though probably not as disappointed as watching Nyaruko.

I recommend to play Ruri's route once then Al-Azif at least to appreciate what the Demonbane VN offer. Now i am currently playing Kishin Hishou Demonbane with ITH+TA assistance which works for me more or less, Gotta enjoy some more tender moments of Kurou and Al-Azif!

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