Saturday, November 10, 2012

Figuarts Zero Persona 3 Protagonist

This year Bandai released couple of Persona 4 figurines in their catalogue but on September this year, they also release Persona 3 protagonist. Definitely this figure is a must get for the owner of D-arts Thanatos since the Figuarts is made to match the D-arts. Being the figuarts Zero lineup, virtually there is no articulation for our Persona 3 Protagonist as the figure only have 2 possible poses which the protagonist is holding an Evoker or Arcana card.  The Figuarts Zero is sold for 2800 yen as Tamashii Web exclusive though you can find one available in Mandarake or Tokyo Hunter for slightly higher price. I doubt i will get the Figuarts since i am still hoping a Figma for P3 protagonist to be released one day.

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