Friday, November 2, 2012


I am always a big fan of History as a subject and i do enjoy reading good Historical Manga. One of the manga of the genre that i read recently Zipang written by Kawaguchi Kaiji. Named after the territory of Japan Empire should they managed to unite Asia in World War 2, Zipang offer quite interesting reading experience. World War 2 has always been popular theme in media and Zipang makes it even more interesting as it incorporate Time Travel. The story is about a modern Cruiser-class ship of JSDF called Mirai departing from Japan to Sout America for joint operation but the Crew found themselves stranded in World War 2 era after caught in the storm. With the opportunity to change the History the Mirai Crew found themselves in dilemma whether they should make Imperial Japan victorius and along the way they saved a Imperial Navy liutenant which unknowingly will affect their future forever. Time travel to World War 2  is quite controversial stuff but Zipang is very well written as it doesn't bias too much on any side despite the story takes on the perspective of a Japanese soldier and still have really interesting story. The original manga have been finished few years ago and the translation still need to catch up, but so far Zipang is really good read. If you are looking for some good seinen manga and love history, Zipang is a good choice to get into. The author wrote Spirit of the Sun as well which quite interesting as well.

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