Monday, April 1, 2013

Revoltech Monster Hunter Jinouga/Zinogre Blademaster

Yet another MH Revoltech comes in! considering the Rathalos Blademaster revoltech is quite well-received, Kaiyodo made another one. This time, it is Jinouga Blademaster armor which is made from the flagship monster of MH Portable 3rd, Jinouga or Zinogre based on 3U's translation. The Revoltech will be released around June this year for almost 4000 yen which is somewhat pricier compared to the Rathalos one. The Revoltech comes with Jin's Dual Sword and Long Sword which is just as much as Rathalos Blademaster. Jinouga which is likely the short form of Raijin Ouga(literally Lightning Wolf) is a brute wyvern that have a wolf like Appearance that appears in high end quests. Despite it is classified as a Brute Wyvern, Jinouga is packs quite a punch while being agile at the same time. Compared to other Wyverns, Jin had rather interesting rage mode where it charges itself to enter Rage mode instead of going through the normal means. As for its armor set which represent the characteristic of the wyvern, it grants unique skill called awakening which grants some special buffs as time passes. Doubt i will get this one either since the revoltech doesn't come with Lance and i think there is a good chance Lagiacrus Blademaster would be the next one.

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