Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate get!

Talk about impulse buy, but i decided to get a 3DS when Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate come out. At first i thought to skip this MH installment but since my friends are getting them, i changed my mind. So far i have spent 1 week playing this game but due to work, i barely have time to play the game compared to Portable 3rd. So far things are quite a breeze as i managed to go through 5th rank Village Quest with Jaggi Armor set and again i am using Lance. MH3 Ultimate by far is very solid like other MH titles though i find underwater battle is abit annoying due to camera control which make cutting some monster's tail rather difficult. The free roaming system is quite interesting as well as the farm which is entirely different compared to the PSP MHs. I find the control of the MH in 3ds is abit awkward because i am used to "Clawing" gamestyle but don't really have significant issues. While i still feel MH3 U is still more suitable on Vita i suppose the release of the game on 3DS offer the game better chances to attract wider audience despite there are too many noobs playing the game.

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