Monday, May 13, 2013

Blade of the Immortal

After few years of following this series and read its last translated chapter, i think i could talk a little bit about a manga called Mugen no Junin or Blade of Immortal. This series goes quite a long way from 1994 until last year which concludes one of the unique samurai themed battle manga. Taking place somewhere in the middle of Tokugawa era,the story is basically about a Samurai who somehow gained immortality served as a girl's bodyguard on her quest of revenge in order to become mortal again. While the main character is immortal it doesn't mean he is instantly invincible as he faced some of the toughest warrior at his time and almost faced death despite his immortallity. While it is not as famous as Vagabond, Blade of Immortal is a very well made manga. One of its strongest point is the mangaka's drawing of the human anatomy which rather good especially in portraying the gory parts (which could be on par with Berserk if it got monsters). And despite story is not the strongest aspect of the series, it got some good characters especially one of the main antagonist who is rather cool guy. Personally i find the ending is abit lackluster but wraps up most of the stuff rather well and rather bittersweet. So if you like Vagabond you might be interested with this title despite it is slightly darker compared to the former one.

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