Thursday, May 9, 2013

SRW Masoukishin 3 Lord of Elemental: Pride of Justice

With the release of Revelation of Evil God which continue the Masoukishin storyline after 15 years gap, i have been expecting the 3rd title for the series will be coming up to continue the series and it appears my expectation come earlier! Around yesterday there has been news circulating about the sequel and there is already a PV for it. The 3rd series of Masoukishin will be titled as Pride of Justice is scheduled to be released on 22nd of August on PS3 and Vita which is quite fast definitely and an Original SRW for Vita at last!

The game will follow the same format of the previous Masoukishin which use full scale sprites instead of SD and I suspect there will be branching storypaths just like previous series.There is not much news revealed at this point but the stories continues about Masaki's story as part of Antilas team fighting the cult of Volkruss. Some new addition for the game that i see from the PV is that the new casts from Masoukishin 2 got some upgrade for their Masoukis and Fang, formerly Masaki's Rival got new cosmetic changes along with his Masouki upgrade which could imply he will play more significant role this time compared to the prequel. It also appears that the Shutedonia twins will be usable party as well. I am really anticipating whether the other Masoukishin will get their possesion form in this game which i would be bit sad if they don't.

I will definitely get the Vita version since i am rather fond of Masoukishin series since i played the 1st and 2nd series on PSP last year. If you preorder the game apparently you will get some promo code for the Anime version of Valsione which is a plus.

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