Monday, July 15, 2013

Pacific Rim thoughts

Firstly, Gipsy Danger may be the Posterboy but Striker Eureka took the crown as the best Jager in the movie! By the way if you haven't watched the movie better stop reading this post and do yourself a favor and go watch the movie. I am not the type who go to Cinema and watch movie but i gave Pacific Rim an exception since it is quite hyped on /m/. So basically the movie is about Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters which is probably the first of its kind in Hollywood movie(correct me if i am wrong). Overall the movie experience is better than Transformers and as enjoyable as Real Steel though i don't really like over emphasis of America F*** YEAH(even though it is still understandable).

The Kaijus shown in the movie is really ferocious and the Jager fight them with lots emphasis of Grappling which  require some pilots with lots of Guts. Most of the Kaiju fight takes place on Water which i find rather suicidal, i would say the Jagers would have better survival if they fought on land but i suppose there is a reason for it. While i find the mecha control seems abit awkward, i find the Voice Command activation is quite cool. For this movie, i only really care about the Robot Fights which is well done but still not enough and as i said in the header, Striker Eureka really shines in the movie. Too bad Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon go down really pathetic even though they are supposedly pretty awesome and Coyote Tango doesn't do anything but do couple of poses. The movie had couple of homages which TTGL is the most noticable one and i nailed down that Giant Robo reference and i think there should be some other more. Most of the Real Robots like Gundam or VFs is probably in pieces if they try to Grapple the Kaijus which makes range their battle chance while I suppose Super Robots grappling with Kaiju would be a sight to see. While the continuity of the movie is still unknown at this point, but if i can choose prequel or sequel of the series to be made i would like to see a prequel. Pacific Rim is solid title and really entertaining if you are a mecha fanboy like me.

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