Monday, July 8, 2013

Wild Arms

Played the Alter Code F before but i actually finish the game with the Original Version which i downloaded on my Vita for free during promotion few months ago. Overall the game is fun despite the graphic feels really dated after i played ACF but the music is still one of the best in my JRPG journey. The story is your typical JRPG types along with the cliches but the main protagonist, Rudy is really good for a silent protagonist. So far i got couple things left to do in this game from clearing the Ancient arena as well as fighting Ragu O Ragla in the abyss. After this will be likely to get Wild Arms 2 on my Vita so i could finish more of these once great but forgotten RPG series. I still wonder if there will be any 6th Wild Arms considering Media Vision has been quiet lately.

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