Monday, March 3, 2014

RAH Hei Darker than Black

Up until now my impression with Darker than Black is not the best especially due to 2nd season but we can still admit the series did have characters like our favorite Chinese electric batman, Hei. There is not much DtB merchandise but at least they got a very good physical representation of this lead character from the series. The figure was released back in 2011 by medicom the creator of Real action heroes series and it cost like more than 20k yen to get one but i think it is well worth the price. I think if i ever go to Japan, this is one of the item that i will look for there considering the market price for a piece of RAH Hei will cost you an arm and a leg to get which you can have a look on Ebay. Hei kinda reminds me with the protagonist from Nitroplus VN called Kikokugai, Kong Taoluo who got couple of close similarities. What do you guys think?

Chinese electric batman predecessor?

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