Sunday, April 27, 2014

Super Robot Chogokin GaoFIghGar

It is bound to happen when Genesic GaoGaiGar got its SRC that GaoFighGar will eventually get one as well. Rather late for pre-release post but the SRC will be released on July this year with the price tag of 7500 yen, not as expensive as Genesic but still costly for an SRC. GaoFighGar is Gai's new mecha after Mamoru left Earth with Galeon and capable of purifying Zonder Metal without any problem. The mecha debuted in GaoGaiGar 8 Episodes OVA and saw its rule rather short but aesthetically, GaoFighGar is one of the cooler mecha in the series while still look rather modest. I recalled in Alpha 3 GaoFighGar is still very good Boss Killer despite lacking of any ALL attacks. If you like GGG i would say GaoFighGar would be on the high priority list to get for the SRC.

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