Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mechatalk: Super Robot Wars and Char

  Char Aznable is no doubt one of the most influential character in Gundam universe and spawning clones of him throughout the history of Gundam. Starting as rival Ace Pilot with hidden agenda in 0079 then a mentor for protagonist in Zeta and finally in CCA as the main antagonist leading his people to fight for not necessarily bad if ambiguous purposes. Showing up in 3 different series with different Persona do make Char to be the most fleshed out character of all Gundam series and thats why he shows up alot in medias involving Gundam especially Video Games. Char's Counterattack was used alot in Video Games like Gundam Vs or Another Century Episode. However so far the only Video Game that tries to explore Char Aznable's character further and successfully did was SRW series in particular the Alpha timeline. In this article i will try my best to point out how this crossover series pull this feat out as a homage to one of the most legendary character from Universal Century and Gundam series as a whole.

 In SRW Alpha timeline, Char joins Alpha Numbers as Quattro as Zeta Gundam plot dictates at the beginning but later play his CCA role in Alpha 2. CCA movie if flawed did wrap up most of the things but due to the limitations at the time it does leave some lingering thoughts with some loose ends. One of those loose ends were Char's interactions to other major characters in UC timeline as the original movie only fleshes out a fraction of his character solely through Amuro as none of the major characters that had close ties with Char in earlier timeline appeared. SRW Alpha 2 provides the opportunity for further exploration of the Char's character through his interactions with Characters that had close ties to him other than Amuro that was done so well to the extent i bothered to write Article about this

 In Alpha 2, Losing faith with the humanity, Quattro took the mantle of leadership of Neo Zeon as Char Aznable again leading the remnants of Zeon forces from SRW Alpha. He also still try to drop Axis to force humanity migrate from earth to evolve into newtype instead of having their soul bound by gravity. Zeon Aces like Anavel Gato and depending on the route Haman Karn joins his camp as well. Char will always have his final showdown with Alpha Numbers nearing the end of the game but has his showdown slightly differs depending whether you accept Haman's offer of alliance or not. If you don't accept Haman's offer, His showdown stays the same with his CCA plot and Alpha Numbers need to thwart the fall of Axis. Whereas if you accept Haman's offer of alliance, the Axis are stopped prematurely and Char bids on desperate measure to hijack Orphan from Brain Powerd and use it as substitute for Axis. On the latter scenario with the help of Orphan, Char realized that Humanity are still redeemable but being Char, he put a last stand with Alpha Numbers as an epic showdown with his former comrades.

Here are some interactions between Char and the UC main characters that had quite an impact.


Amuro: Char! why the man who used to fight along us wants to destroy Earth?!
Amuro: We are fighting for the sake of Earth and Humanity! You should have realized that too, Char!

Kamille: What are you trying to achieve by bearing the name of Char Aznable!?

Kamille: Until now, why the person who used to fight with us together, could do such thing! I... We..

Kamille: Liutenant Quattro! The strength of humanity that you lost hope with... we shall prove it to you!
Kamille: Why didn't you believe in Hope?
Char: If we believe in the hope it will only end up in humanity repeating the foolish mistake again!

Judau: Liutenant Quattro! such thinking of yours, hadn't we have mutual understanding before?!
Judau: Lieutenant Quattro! Is this the reply from the man who used to fight with us together?!
Judau: Please Stop! Do you think Amuro san and Kamille san  really wants to fight with you Lieutenant Quattro?!
           Char: You haven't changed as always Judau... If there were more people with your strength and kindness,                   probably humanity wouldn't have ended

Haman: Char....can't we go back the way we used to be?
Char: Time will never turn, you can make something new... but in order to do that, things from the past need to be settled
                           Haman: I have no need for Char that used to be in Axis or Londo Bell's Quattro.                                   Char: Then worry not, the one in here is the man that you wished for

Haman: Char... Show me the future of humanity that you believe in...

 As Alpha 2 offers the opportunity of crossover interactions between Char and other main UC characters that didn't made to CCA Movie while at the same time expanding the already existing part. But Banpresto did really well especially for Kamille and Haman's interaction with Char. Considering they are probably the people who had the closest bond with Char and we get to see their reactions on Char's change of character in Alpha 2 which were not seen in original material.

 For Kamille, Char was his role model, the one who mentor him to be mature as a pilot and as a person back in Gryps War. And in Alpha 2 we get to see Kamille lament on the person who he used to look up to the most fell into despair and unable to do anything but to fight Char. As for Haman, i always think that there were not enough screentime in Zeta Gundam for moments between Haman and Char with their love-hate relationship and Alpha 2 expand more on that. Depending on the route in the game you get Haman venting her tsundereness upon Char or rather sad Haman yearning that their relationship could go the way it were. But in the end Alpha 2 implies that deep down in Haman's Heart, she really loves Char more than she hates him. Probably these will be the same conclusion had both characters shown up in Char's Counterattack.

Haman: Judau Ashita... I have no regrets with the path that i choose....
Gato: You have grown up Uraki.... looks like that greenhorn trying to preach his enemy was no more
Gato: then do you mean that Spacenoid have to live as Earthnoid's dog?
Through the conflict Char brought with his Neo Zeon we also get to see further exploration on characters that were not related with Char in the original material. Anavel Gato is prime example of that as he is shown to respect Char leader who fight for the future of Spacenoid despite disdained Char's Alliance with Dogatie from Jupiter Empire in order to defeat Earth Federation. Gato also got his proper conclusion with Kou as the latter has matured to the level that Gato acknowledged him but in the end they will still fight nonetheless for their differing ideals.

 In the end i believe SRW Alpha 2 managed to achieve what the original movie unable to pull off; a proper retelling of the end of journey of a man named Char Aznable, with complete actors and props this time. This was also a milestone in SRW universe as Alpha 2 pulled of CCA part really well that none of other SRW reached this level until now. In Alpha 3 Char also briefly shows up as ghost in the final battle cheering upon Alpha Numbers to fight Kaiser Ephes which is quite awesome moment. I also heard SRW D handling of CCA are quite interesting too. Once i finish Alpha 3 i will include the part where Char's Ghost showing up to Alpha Number.


  1. Since I'm more of a Gundam fan.. I kind of enjoy 'G Generation Gundam' more. I always enjoy seeing the animation of the mecha's destinated pilot of SRW. My best SRW was when the Macross Valkyries were introduced in PS2 era..

  2. char such bastard.. damn im really lost him, even alpha timeline must made char become real enemy, well, we can't complain it... i remember when he joined and travel together with many protagonist, he also advisor to camille, wise like capt burning especially at gaiden story timeline... build londo bell/the preventer/irregulars real robot and super robot, make them solid among veteran or freshmen like J9 team (alpha gaiden), sure he always one of asset of alpha numbers...

    he and ingram are most beloved mature characteristic among all participants of alpha number

    1. Both Char and Ingram are such smooth Antihero that makes them easily likeable. On top of that their tragedy hits really hard since thing would have been much better if things had went other way around.

    2. yup i agree with that... did you know about someone just starting to make english translation for SRW@3? still early ya know, but still this is a promising project..

    3. While personally i have no issues with Alpha 3, certainly it would be great if the translator able to complete this project. For better or worse one of the most epic showdown in SRW series would be available for wider audiences.

  3. wow you must be lucky one dude.. unfortunately my japanese is sucks, so i still hoping anyone can make this happen like alpha gaiden before... personally, alpha trilogy is one of amazing classic series

    1. Alpha Trilogy is no doubt the best SRW series so far. SRW Z had a shot to be one with its great start but due to some reasons it become bigger failure with each iterations.

    2. Haha, the only i admit is the Z have awesome dynamic animation, high resolution texture sprites, and many mech roster from newest series. Frankly i still love alpha from entire SRW series until now... When i saw SRW OG Moon Dwellers has english translation feature, i hope NB can make same way to Alpha trilogy series with modern feature in next-gen console... Sure, remake the three will gonna fantastic for older SRW fans