Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ad Astra

 Another Promising historical manga here covering one of the most famous war in the Ancient Period, Second Punic War. That war is never complete without Scipio and Hannibal and the manga so far did a good job of portraying them though so far they are quite a bishies. I think what makes this manga appeals for me is that the liberty that the author to fill the dots of the 2nd Punic war yet still able to make it believable. The author also did a respectable job of portraying that there is more factors than the battle itself that affects the outcome of the war for instance the Romans lost badly in the beginning as their leaders were motivated out of self interest and Hannibal did a good job of making use of it. So far the manga had cover up to the famous battle of Cannae which was Hannibal's greatest legacy and the translators should be able to catch up eventually. I am curious how the Author will be able to handle the story after the highest point of the 2nd Punic War which should put his skill into a test. Personally i think why Carthage lost in the end even though they got Hannibal is because they were not as unified as Romans who were bunch of loose ends at first but unified due to Hannibal ironically. Personally i think Ad Astra should be on par with Historie and definitely make a good read for those History buff out there

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