Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn

Shortly after J-Decker, i am plowing through Da Garn! 3rd Yuusha series so far and i think would really love these series if i watched them as a kid. Compared to J-Decker, Da Garn took the classic route of the Yuusha series, which involve protecting Earth by beating the crap out alien invaders. The formula for Da Garn is rather standard but the casts are good including the antagonists. Da Garn still mainly rely on Monster of the Week formula for its episodes but with a twist where the monsters got certain distinct designs for roughly each quarters of the series. The protagonist of Da Garn Seiji, seems to be the older one compared to average Yuusha protagonist and quite competent one as well. Compared to Yuuta from J-Decker, he commands the Yuusha team better and does not merely provide moral support. If Yuusha series did not focus too much on Kids, Da Garn's romance plot could have been expanded since Seiji's character fits more as Middle school kid rather than primary school and multiple love interests for love triangle.

 In terms of Mecha design Da Garn's are quite flashy and one of the Robot Gattai is very unique too. The main Robot falls on the Balanced type as Da Garn X is quite choppy while Great Da Garn X is very shooty. Surprisingly Da Garn's ending was rather bittersweet since most of Yuusha titles tend to have happy one. While Gaogaigar is still undisputed King of Braves, i quite like Da Garn and probably still on my top list even when i managed to watch all of the Yuusha series.

Da Garn X
Great Da Garn X

 As i have treaded on my 3rd Yuusha series, i begin to grasp on the recurring themes for these Yuusha series which hopefully should hold water when i watch the 4th one. While i thought the trends were restricted to Tokusatsu only, from Da Garn i notice something particular about the era trends. I notice that the main characters in these kind of anime series tend to have special Electronic device that tend to do perform special stuff. While i can comprehend series like Digimon, Pokemon or Rockman Exe have them to sell the electronic toys, i didn't expect these kind of practices extend to Mecha as well. But i guess the series that are backed by Takara are likely to have these electronic toys shoved to the anime at least until around mid 2000s.

Da Garn Yuushas
 Compared to J-Decker, Da Garn wins overall in my book though it falls short on the Caramadarie between the Yuushas of the J-Decker's casts. While Yuusha series never get to air in my country, i believe plenty of the toys from the series got distributed at least. From my recollection i did have Da Garn's and Fire Dagwon at very least. Even though i have no slightest idea back then and the toys were bootleg, the Star Chest with Three stripes no doubt belong to Da Garn. For the next Yuusha title i will be waiting on whichever got subbed first but hopefully it will be Dagwon since having Transformable Jumbo Jet with Firetruck and Ambulance as arms for the main robot does sound cool.

This was the one that i had except different color
Centaur as Robot anyone?

4 Flying Units somehow Gattai'd to Centaur and you get Pegasus Saber!

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