Thursday, September 29, 2016

Figma Makoto Yuki

 Took long enough for Max Factory to announce the release but we got the release date for this guy Finally! Announced around the mid of last year, Figma Makoto Yuki will be released on April next year with almost 6500 Yen Price tag. As i expected the figma version of Makoto Yuki did cost as much as Yu Narukami considering the popularity of the series and from the sample the figma will come with the signature Evoker and a main weapon. While i think the figma is overpriced i might just get this to complete my collection along with D-arts Thanatos and Elizabeth which would make an awesome set altogether. I have watched two of the movie so far and might as well finish the rest before the Figma comes out.


  1. Man talk about a shameless cashgrab.

    For the same price, the DX version of the figma Link from Twilight Princess comes with a whole arsenal that BTFO pretty much every other release to date.

    They should at least rerelease the Thanatos D-Arts, its impossible to find nowdays.

    As for the movies, they are good, but the 3rd one feels realy off and the first half of the 4th one is a real drag.

  2. Hey Beamknight! it has been a while! Considering Persona IPs held some power in the industry now, it is inevitable that companies like Max Factory will charge premium for their product as much as i dislike the practice.

    As for Thanatos, last time i saw the Asian version were sold for reasonable price on Taobao which you can give it a try if you really need one.