Monday, October 10, 2016

Union Creative Monster Hunter Revo Glavenus Blademaster

 It appears that one of the Monster Hunter action figure that had the prototype shown got a release date at last and it is the Glavenus Blademaster Set. The Action Figure will be released on January 2017 around 6000 Yen pricetag. Compared to the Revoltech Figurine, it seems the the Union Creative lineup will stand around 18cm taller with 31 Articulations. The Glavenus Blademaster Action Figure will also come with the matching Greatsword and SnS though the latter doesn't have the shield part show up. From the shown sample it seems that the Revo series will be better quality compared to the previous Revoltech Figurine and for the quality it offers it seems more worth it compared to Figma.

 This Reddish Blademaster Armor is made from Glavenus or Dinovaldo in Japanese which is one of the Flagship monster in Monster Hunter Generations and in the game the armor grants its wearer more power when they polish their weapons. Stature-wise Glavenus is quite similar with Deviljho with its Blade-like tail as its most prominent feature. Despite its size, Glavenus is very agile and wield its tail dexterously and occasionally imbue its tail with fire element. This guy is very capable of sending new hunters to Kitty cart with its signature 360 degree Spin Slash which has huge coverage. I wonder if Union Creative will make the Hellglaive repaint of this guy considering they did the same thing with Rathalos Blademaster.

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