Friday, September 23, 2016

Chaos in the Old World First Session

 It has been more than Three years since i begin collecting Boardgames which by now rival my toy collection. Personally i find boardgames are one of the few things worth to collect from the west as each box directly represent an idea of the creator and usually it is a good one! I tend to play thematic games whether it is Euro or Ameritrash though recently i get to appreciate Eurogames better.

 So i had this game called Chaos in the Old World that has been sitting for a year already and gave it a trial run today and after my first game i can see how this game got such good reputation. Basically in this game you play as one of the 4 Evil Gods of Chaos trying to assert dominance over Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mortal Realm of Old World. If you follow 40K or WHFB series you will be familiar with these 4 Gods as they play a huge role on both miniature wargames. These 4 Gods are known as Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch which represent chaotic aspect of War, Disease, Excess and Magic respectively. The main game mechanic of this game is about area control and each 4 Gods has their own way to get things done which are represented by asymmetric gameplay. For instance Khorne are good at killing other Gods units whereas Nurgle capable of racking up victory points really quick. While at first i am abit daunted to give the game a try due to the amount of tokens and minis put into play, the designer make sure the game is really easy to grasp in single game due to streamline game phase while making each playstyle of the 4 Gods Distinct.

It really sucks for the mortals who got caught up between these three greater demons

 For my first session Khorne dominate both in Victory Point and Threat Value from the beginning to the end as his Bloodletter and Bloodthirster wreck a havoc among other gods lesser demon and cultists while Tzeentch constantly catch up behind Blood God's score and Nurgle had a slow start but managed to catch up with Tzeentch after ruining some nations while Slaanesh falling behind in score. However in the end The Prince of Pleasure managed to win the game by Threat Dial after Nurgle and Tzeentch got occupied with denying Khorne his bloodshed as he is two clicks away from his threat dial victory as he corrupt the nobility undisturbed. As for my first game i made slight mistake as i got the turn order between Slaanesh and Tzeentch swapped but next time it wont be the same mistake again. Even if you are not a fan of Warhammer series, the game has really interesting mechanics to hook you in and if possible always have 4 players for this game as Chaos in the Old world are less optimal with lesser number. I also purchase Horned Rat expansion recently which i will bring into gameplay once i got comfortable with the base game.

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