Tuesday, January 10, 2017


 I am sure that i have read this series before when i was a kid which was translated as Dragon Pygmalio but this manga is definitely amazing classic Fantasy title. Named after the Greek Tale, Pygmalio is the classic tale of young hero braving ordeals to save his loved one. In the series a young prince named Kurt journeyed through the world to defeat a powerful demon named Medusa who turned Kurt's mother into stone statue and as the story unfold Kurt's quest turns out not to be a simple one. While the drawing style looks childish, the series did the storytelling department really good especially on the tragedy part. While i less Kiddy fantasy series myself Pygmalio is no doubt awesome old school fantasy. Probably Popolocrois which is kinda similar to Pygmalio is based on this series and i still wonder why such amazing series never got great anime adaptation. Nevertheless you wont regret reading this manga if you enjoy fantasy series.

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