Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nadesico SPM Hoshino Ruri Figure Review

 Hail to the Queen of Moe! Though seriously i think Hoshino Ruri is the fictional character who starts the Moe trend in Anime Industry whether intentional or not. I like Nadesico series despite its flaws and thought it could have been something more than wasted potential and thats the reason why i decided to get this Hoshino Ruri figurine. Due to her status as Queen of Moe, Hoshino Ruri surprisingly got a lots figurine for her outnumbering other characters from Nadesico by far margin mostly garage kits and out of all renditions i choose this version since it portrays Ruri's character good enough despite being an ufo-catcher grade figurine.

 In Nadesico Hoshino Ruri was one of the Ship Crew of the Experimental Nadesico Class Battleship and mainly handles the Ship's Supercomputer Omoikane. Her Personality is cold and distant at first but she opens up more to other crew members with the help of Akito and Yurika. In Prince of Darkness Movie, Ruri eventually command her own Nadesico Battleship and more cheerful compared to her version in TV series. Being the youngest crew in Nadesico and the youngest ,Ruri is very talented Hacker capable of hijacking other Battleships or Electronic mainframe. She is also probably the youngest Ship Captain in mecha series because anything in anime is possible. In SRW she is very solid Battleship commander with very cheap "Disrupt" seishin which drops all enemies accuracy by half in a turn.

 For an Ufo Catcher grade figurine Ruri Hoshino sculpt looks superb enough though its limitation is very obvious compared to Premium Grade Figurine. The PM Figure version is one of the few version that have Ruri in her captain uniform considering majority of the figurine had Ruri doing cosplay stuff. I still wonder why out of many renditions for Ruri Hoshino, none of major Figure making company like Alter or Kotobukiya made Ruri's figurine which appears to have a lot of followers. I will definitely get Black Sarena one day to display it beside Ruri's figurine one day and might as well consider the Nadesico Battleship model kit too.


  1. All I remember is hearing Ruri calling the Nadesico crews 'Baku' Idiots in the TV series. Lolz.. Genetically modified princess and youngest crew.. she's cold ... hehe.. I almost wanted to buy this figure during the Japan trip. Would buy if only I have more space to display. Nice choice of space backdrop for photography.

    1. Her Baka Bakka line is the most famous out of her character but i think her appearance in Prince of Darkness is what made her famous among otakus back then. As for the backdrop i thought might as well spicing up things abit rather than using white background all the time.