Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sakura Taisen 3 Erica Ending GET!

 It's like 6 months since i finished my first run of Sakura Taisen 3 starting with Hanabi and i suppose my procrastination is terrible. At long last i managed to finish Erica Fontaine's route who is the main heroine of the third game and this makes only Coquelicot left to be done. Since Erica is the Main Heroine, her route is slightly more unique and just like Sakura in the prequels, you will tend to rack up a lot of affection points with her LIPS. In my opinion Erica in the game feels like an unfinished piece of work since i can see the direction the game devs tried to go with her character but for some reason they stopped halfway with her Backstory. Erica would have been an amazing pure maiden archetype but in the end what we got is somewhat Weabooish hyperactive Klutz. But still Noriko Hidaka pull an amazing performance as Erica and her singing voice is just wonderful. I will probably write the Sakura Taisen III article within this month without clearing Coquelicot's ending since it take too long already. I hope Sega does come up with something special for 20th Anniversary of the series which Etrian Odyssey type of game seems to work quite well for Sakura Taisen.

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