Monday, May 31, 2010

1/144 Apparition Review

Finished this kit Last Friday, pretty good mecha from Linebarrel indeed, even though i don't really know any details about this mecha since it has not appeared yet in the translated manga, from what i know the pilot is supposedly dead Main Character's best friend.

For the mecha based from what it looks it is like a Sniper mecha with some capability of telekinesis based from the design, the only weapon that i can see from this mecha is its sniper rifle.

and here are the pics:

i give some gold and silver linings for this mecha since i thought the color is too dull, too bad the mecha is pretty small and it is expensive for almost 4000 Yen Kotobukiya kits, i would haven't bought this kit if it was not in 50% discount which i got it from AmiAmi. i am planning to get 1/144 Linebarrel overdrive and Vardant for my linebarrel collection since it is looks pretty good and Vardant in particular because it is my Favorite Mecha.

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