Sunday, June 6, 2010

My thoughts about To Aru majutsu

Just finished watching To aru Majutsu and my opinions about it:

The anime is pretty good, i expect no less since J.C Studio is the one that animate some famous series, let's say Shakugan no Shana. Overall story is nice though i don't know how the actual story looks like in the Light Novel Version, the Beach Vacation arc is the particular part that make me LMAO'd especially what happen to Index and i pitied her for what Touma did to Her.

as for characters, i don't really like Touma, his idealism is too Naive which is similar to certain Protagonist from Type Moon's works but i guess that what makes that many heroine fallen for him. For Heroine my heart is divided between Index and Misaka, no wonder many people likes them while other heroine like Kuroko is really hilarious with her scary devotion toward her Oneesama.

Overall i would recommend any general anime fans to watch this series and i am gladly to watch the second season for this series since the story is nowhere in conclusion for now. BTW the Doujins of this series are really good in particular D.L action series.

Overall Scores: 8.5/10

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