Monday, December 27, 2010


Pretty mindfucking series.

 Finished watching this series which is adapted from Light Novel series and one conclusion from it that you will only understand and appreciate when you finished watching all of the episodes. The story is directed with multiple people's perceptions in different timeline. Baccano is about the story about immortality and interactions between the immortals with the one who desire it and the one that accidentally become one, the anime mainly focus in year 1930, 1931 and 1932.

There are no real protagonists in this anime since the story is told in different perceptions of each people. The Great Pussy foot train raid in 1931 act as the central of the story which explains events happening in the past. You can say the episodes are just like pieces of puzzle when all of the episodes are watched, the mysteries are eventually uncovered. I would say this anime is very well directed considering telling the story in this style is relatively difficult.

My favorite pairing in this series would be Vino and Chane. Vino is really strong assasin and able to fight some of the toughest guy easily though the way he kills his victims is pretty sadistic while Chane is a silent girl who really resemble Ryougi Shiki. The love at the first sight relationship is pretty sweet considering Vino truly loves Chane despite knowing her background. I would say they would be a good candidate to be immortal

The anime version didn't cover the whole stroy considering the Light Novel is still ongoing, i would like to see the second season telling the part of Huey Laforet who is Chane's father when he has not become an immortal. i assume he met his first love. I would like also to see the story of Chane's and Vino's descendant.
If you want to watch Mindfucking or intelligent series this anime is pretty good choice.

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