Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Volks A3 YF-23 Blackwidow

     So far the company that produce majority of Muvluv TSF merchandise is Volks with its A3 action figure lineup which Kotobukiya haven't managed to catch up for now. Some of the coolest TSF design got the A3 treatment and one of them is YF-23 which is my personal favorite as well. YF-23 is one of the experimental TSF which became a candidate for the latest 3rd Generation TSF for USA along with YF-22. However USA choose YF-22 as the victor in favor of its stealth technology which are considered to be useful against other TSF which will be seen in mass production as F-22 Raptor(since USA prepare war against other nation in case BETA are eradicated from earth). YF-23 had better performance against BETA overall compared to YF-22 and it is equipped with rather stylish longsword. There are two of these units exist though they are left unused in one of America military facility.

The A3 figure cost like 6500 yen which is quite costly though you can get it from Japanese retailer about half price and Mandarake happen to have this model for 3500 yen. While i really like the design i won't be getting the A3 version since i hope kotobukiya will release the kit for this model someday(though i bet there is a good chance for Typhoon or Rafale will get one). However i am still getting one A3 models which i will use as comparison for the Kotobukiya kit.


  1. I'm sure Kotobukiya will catch up, eventually. Their next release seems to be the standard Type 94 UN Shiranui we see Takeru & co. use through Alternative. It even comes with the shield for the Storm Vanguard configuration (Takeru and Mitsuki's positions).
    Also, the Integral Works artbook labels the YF-23 as "the most expensive useless piece of junk ever made".

  2. Though i bet Blackwidow either won't get a kit or will be released pretty late because it seems that Koto are only going to release poster boys mostly, at least that's what currently it seems to be.