Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished the final chapter

The epic continuation of the first series.

Ys Chronicles in PSP has 2 parts the first Ys and Ys 2 where the Ys 2 directly takes place after Ys 1 events. Shortly after i finished Ys I i play the 2nd straightaway. It has great improvements over first Ys and probably my favorite series so far until i get Ys 4, 5 or Origin.

Shortly after Adol defeated Dark Fact in Darm tower he got transported to Ancient land of Ys, a floating continent separated from Esteria for centuries. The land of Ys know for peace after 6 priests under guidance of Twin goddesses sealed evil being called Darm. However there are signs of Darm begin to resurrect again as the land are overrun by monsters and now it's the mission for Adol to defeat Darm for good with the power of 6 priests.

YS II got overall improvement in gameplay, this time money plays more important role unlike in YS 1 where it is obsolete once you entered Darm tower. The level cap now is raised up to 55 level which is pretty much the range of endgame level in most Ys games. Music is still awesome though i prefer some of the Ys 1 songs. While the game is improved overall the playtime is still quite short as you can finish the game within 6 hours.

The damsel in distress in this game is Lilia who found Adol when he got a rough landing on Ys. Probably she is the strongest candidate for Adol's lover so far considering she showed more hints of affection toward Adol. She used to have terminal disease until Adol found a cure for her. For some reason Lilia often gets into trouble as she got kidnapped alot.

There are more equipments in this game and Ys II introduce magic system which provide Adol some special abilities like stopping time or shooting fireball and make life easier. Some of the magics are really important in killing bosses as they can't be killed by normal means.

One of the most interesting magic is transforming Adol into demon. While this is used for progressing through the story the interesting fact that you can talk to the enemies in this form. Some of the conversations are pretty interesting where the demons express their frustration to Adol without knowing that they talk to the one who kicks their ass.

The battle system in this game is made more easier considering the enemies doesn't always hurt you when you ram them straight and they usually have signal when they are going to attack. However this makes the monster hit harder and now it takes more hits in order to kill the monster.

This game has some weird addition called mascots, you can put one mascot on your screen where you might use your favorite character as the mascot. You usually get the mascots by getting the NPC maximum affection from gifts or killing sufficient amount of monsters.

The bosses in this game is slightly harder compared to the first one considering they had really tough attack patterns. Most of them have to be killed by magics as they cannot be approached at all except for this guy and final boss where you kill them with your sword.

The final boss in this game is Darm who is the source of the problem in Ys 1 as well. He is known as the foundation of magic which is the reason why Ys become a floating continent. However due to negative effect of the magic, Darm become corrupted and try to destroy humanity. The twin goddesses supposedly watch over Darm but due to the power imbalance, they need Adol to help them to seal Darm again.

The damsel in distress that Adol saved in Ys 1 is one of the twin goddess. If Feena doesn't bear her fate as goddess probably she would be the best candidate for Adol's wife because even Lilia cannot match against her beauty. Her theme is probably the saddest in Ys 1 and 2.

I had to thank Xseed for bringing awesome titles from Falcom, this game is really satisfying despite the playtime is pretty short. Probably i will post my review for Oath in Felghana shortly after this one. If you are looking for great classic RPG then Ys would be the best candidate for it.

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