Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some new Kotobukiya kits *June update

The recent hobby magazine scan shows the protoype model of Jehuty and the new D-style kits of Gaogaigar. The sculpt of the Jehuty looks pretty good, while i don't expect any good articulation i hope that Kotobukiya would include some Beam effect parts for the kit. As for the D-style apparently kotobukiya decided to release Gaigar separate from the Gao machines(hopefully include Goldion Hammer as well) which enable the Final fusion gimmick. Probably the Gaigar would cost less compared to normal D-Style kits as it is not as bulky as others.

Finally got the scan regarding Shiranui UN version. Apparently the model shown use Strike Vanguard equipment which are used by First Liutenant Isumi. There are still no news regarding the release date but it is highly likely that the kit will be released within this year since Kotobukiya just need to recolor the kit.  If possible i would like to see the kit include type 87 Sniper Rifle or the Missile addon which are used by Blast Guard team member. I hope they will keep releasing more TSF lineup to catch up with Volks A3 action figure.


  1. wow! A D-style Gaigar sure came as a surprise! A first in D-Style release as well, where the kit is able to gattai. This is really exciting news, hopefully, we will be able to catch a glimpse of D-Style Gaogaigar soon enough together with its release date.

  2. If we are lucky, Koto might release the parts for Genesic Gaogaigar as well considering the base mecha is Gaigar as well. Kotobukiya manage their D-style lineup pretty solid now.