Monday, June 6, 2011

Frame Arms NSG-12α Kobold

This is one of the recent design for Kotobukiya's original mecha lineup Frame Arms. This Frame arms model probably represent heavy type for the faction that use SA-16 Stylet since they only have light armored type so far(and i have 2 of them). Kobold has 2 forms one is Hunchback humanoid with monoeye while the second form is shown on the pic above.

Kobold also can be combined with NSG-25 Strauss which is a bipedal mech to form mecha shown above which is obviously marketing campaign by kotobukiya. Both of these kits will be released on late September and probably i will likely to get Kobold while i am not sure whether to get Strauss or not.

Frame arms also got short manga serialized which you can find it here

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