Friday, August 26, 2011

1/100 Shiranui UN Version

Finally one of my most anticipated kit from Muvluv had a preview. This color scheme of Shiranui are used by Isumi Valkyries; a special task force of Alternative 4 in Muvluv Alternative and one of them is piloted by the Main Protagonist . The particular reason why this version of Shiranui is so special is that the main protagonist really kick ass in this TSF(i bet he can do even better in Takemikazuchi) despite it is only a mass produced 3rd gen TSF where he managed to kill over 20 Fort Class BETA by himself in matter of minutes. From what i see the kit is improvised version of Shiranui the 2nd and the kit got additional gimmick on the hip armor to reveal ammo cartridge. There are also some holes made on the shoulder armor plausibly hinting that there will be Blast Guard equipment coming in the future. So far there is no release date but we could see the kit to be released early next year.

Another pics coming up from the Kotobukiya's Display booth on C3 Hobbyshow and currently no updated information though there are some new kits for the Zoids series.

source: cybergundam


  1. DO WANT.
    A must have for me, I just hope they fix the thing about the elbows, because the XFJ-01a and b can only bend 90° unlike the 00R which can pull off a full 180°.

  2. Seeing a possibility for Blast Impact equipment for Shiranui i think Fubuki might get a good chance to get a release soon as well(though i hope there are standalone missile parts for sale).

  3. I like the colour scheme as it look like a jetfighter or maybe naval ships. But the firepower seems rather weak. Maybe becos it's UN for peacekeeping.

  4. @Dennis, the mechas from Muvluv series are based on Real Life Aircraft though Shiranui doesn't have a counterpart in real life.

    Tactical Surface Fighters might seem lack of firepower compared to other Real Robots but they make up for it with their crazy manuverability.

  5. That's because TSF's are like most real Real Robots ever lol. But for me, that's exactly their charming point.