Friday, August 5, 2011

1/144 Engage SR-3

The most recent Five Star Stories that Wave released and back then i was planning to get it as well. However i cam to realize that i won't be able to do a proper job of this kit if i don't have any Airbrush and thus decided not to get the kit afterall. Engage SR-3 is one of the Mortar Headd used by the infamous Trio Tempest who are 3 renowned female Headdliners who are/were affiliated with Trio de Colus and Engage SR-3 itself is the latest model which was built by Diamond Neutral. The kit had limited version release which i recalled that included extra speid. If Wave released Engage SR-2 in the future, then the Trio Tempest would be completed Probably i will do a mechatalk as well regarding the Trio tempest.

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