Saturday, September 17, 2011

FW Gundam Converge Review

Not really a review since there is practically nothing to review about these toys. The Gundam Converge that i show above is from the 2nd Volume of Fusion Works Converge series which had 4 editions already and i got it from Ebay from reasonable price. For this review probably i will explain the particular reason for me getting these Gashapons which i am not really collecting.

As you noticed the proportion of the FW Converge toys are different with SD Gundam kits that you know as the legs are longer which reminds me the proportion of the MS in MS Gundam Odyssey or known as MS Saga: A New Dawn in the west.The gameplay of MS Saga is classic turn based RPG featuring gundam series from 0079 until CCA and some MS from G and Wing Gundam.

I played this game few years ago and it was a memorable experience. Despite it has really terrible character design and story, the gameplay is pretty good.  What makes MS Saga is really awesome is that literally this game has the best customization for Gundam Game as you can change body parts of your MS which are classified into 5 parts and the weapon. I played this game up to the point i got Zeta Gundam which is probably around 70% of the game progress and it is quite challenging by this time because if you got to wrong place you will get an easy gameover as the enemies in some area easily overpower you.

The toy had limited articulation for the hand only as you expected from Gashapon as these toys cost about 300-400 yen only for each of them. There is nothing special with these Gashapon lineup except some particular reminder for MS Saga. I wish there was a sequel for this game though it is highly unlikely to happen since the reception it got is really bad both in Japan and the West. For gundam fans who haven't tried this gamei would recommend to try this one since it gives rather unique gaming experience for Gundam games


  1. You played this game too Gunso? Did you manage to finish the game?