Saturday, September 24, 2011

MG Delta Plus project

I have just finished assembled my MG Delta Plus and i am quite satisfied the kit. I plan to repaint the kit next week with Hyaku Shiki color scheme so my MG Hyaku Shiki got a companion. I could say MG Delta Plus really resemble Zeta Plus due to the internal body mechanism and greatly improved as the hip and the body are separated unlike the Zeta Plus MG. I also now understand why Gaijin Gunpla gave low score for this kit as MG Delta Plus have stability issues due to the feet design which is too small to sustain Delta Plus. Currently Gundam Australia had Delta Plus Group build going on until November which also have some prize for the winner. So if you had MG Delta Plus and plan to repaint it you might consider to join the group build.

GAF Delta Plus Group Build

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