Monday, September 12, 2011

1/72 HMM Liger Zero Schneider Review

The first CAS Variant of Liger Zero that Kotobukiya released.

I did finished this kit a while ago as well and intended to post a review earlier but i procrastinated and end up post it just now. I bought the conversion parts of Zero Schneider as i had Liger Zero already and the kit turns up really well. I intended to do straight build for this kit since i don't want to change the base model of Liger Zero itself too much as i will be looking forward for the other CAS parts for Liger Zero that Kotobukiya might release in the future.

Liger Zero is one of the few Zoid that has ability of CAS(Change Armor System) which provide greater versatility compared with other Zoids. One of its CAS variant is Zero Schneider(Slasher in German) which is based on Blade Liger and specialise in close combat, mounted with heavier armor and numbers of laser blades. In New Century Zero the main protagonist Bit Cloud used this variant against his Main Rival Leon Tross who is in Red Blade Liger (AB?). The main protagonist from Zoids Games in GBC, Aliester also used Schneider as the main form for his Silver Liger Zero.

Probably Zero Schneider is one of the more popular Liger Zero Variant as it is simply looks cool with the blades. Kotobukiya give better rendition of Zero Schneider compared to Tomy's Zero Schneider which is more than years old already.

Zero Schneider parts offers greater protection for Liger Zero with the Energy Shield apart from the heavier armor and it is generated from the head. The Energy Shield cover the frontal part of Liger Zero which allow Liger Zero to charge its opponent to close combat with less or no damage. Probably Schneider is the only Liger Zero CAS Variant that has built in E-Shield. However due to the heavy armor, Schneider lose the ability to perform Strike Laser Claw.

Zero Schneider have Scouter parts which replace Liger Zero's tailgun while i don't really know the real purpose of this part, but i think it provide Radar function.

The Primary Weapon of Schneider is the pair of large Laser blade mounted on its back. The laser blades is used just the same way with the Blade Liger where Schneider will run through its opponent with its blade. The Laser Blade are strong enough to penetrate larger Zoids like Gojulas or Iron Kong which makes Schneider is not to be underestimated as one-on-one opponent.

The Ultimate technique that Schneider possess is the 7 Blades which Schneider will activate all 7 blades on its body and cut through the enemy. Probably Schneider perfrom 360 spin in high speed which makes it looks like a giant blender that will cut anything on its way. In Zoids Legacy i rarely use this weapon as it consumes too much energy while Laser Blades took less energy and still gets the job done.

The HMM version of Zero Schneider is a must get for Zoids fans especially the Liger Zero fans. However the kits is abit costly as the Zero Schneider with the Liger Zero frane cost like 6800 yen which is 1000 yen more expensive than regular Liger Zero nevertheless it still uphold the HMM lineup quality which is one of the best that Kotobukiya can offer so far. I would say there will be a good chance that another CAS variants will be released for Liger Zero and it is highly likely to be Zero Jaeger or Panzer. I still wonder when Berserk Fury will get HMM treatment.

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