Thursday, September 29, 2011

Variable Formation SRX

If you ask me which is the best rendition of the Invincible Super Robot called SRX which is the mascot of Banpresto, i would say Volks had the best one so far! The Variable Formation SRX is the special package made by Volks which include R-1, R-2 and R-3 in 1/144 scale with extra parts which enable transformation into SRX just like in the series complete with the Hi Zol Sword which are way bigger than Kotobukiya's non scale Zankantou type 3. However great stuff comes with great price as this set is sold in tag price of 58000 yen as expensive as Studio Halfeye's SRW toys. . You can find these toys around 45000 yen in YJA though few days ago i saw one sold with the price of 35000 yen. This toy set would be my current holy grail and hopefully i can get it someday if i ever go to Japan considering middleman fees will drain your wallet instantly with the product around this tag price.

Here are some more pics for the Variable Formation SRX

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