Friday, October 7, 2011

Shin Gihren no Yabou thoughts

Last week i managed to finish my first playthrough of EFSF with General Revil as my CO in Shin Gihren no Yabou. I had to say this is the best strategy series for Gundam games as it has one of the deeper gameplay and story. Shin Gihren is the latest installment of Gihren no Yabou series which is just released few while ago and features OYW and CCA campaign. The gameplay is quite similar with Civilization series except the map and the goal is pretty much fixed. From this game i gained lots of valuable knowledge for UC Era particularly the Geography and tactical roles of the OYW MS(mostly EFSF for now).

As General Revil, you lead EFSF against Zeon in One Year War. This game did really well at portraying the ordeals that Federation had in early phases of OYW, when Zeon's Zaku army overwhelm their military unit and how V Project helped EFSF to gain equal footing against Zeon. I recall i really struggled early on when i had to capture Peking with Type 61s and Flymantas where i need 6 Type 61 to kill a single Zaku II. However once i had my MP Guntank produced i had my campaign slightly easier until i am able to Mass produce GM. However the difficulties spiked up again when i started my campaign in Space as i only have Luna 2 as HQ while Zeon got 4 HQs which include Solomon, A Baoa Qu, Granada and Side 3. The main reasons why i got problem in my space campaign are due to Zeon's Mobile Armor which show how fearsome the Newtype are(i had nightmares with Braw Bro and Big Zams) and significant distance of Luna 2 with Solomon which makes my unit reinforcements takes time to arrive.

Probably the main reason why this game is not that popular for international gundam fans is due to the language barrier as this series had lots of Kanjis and twice as hard to read compared to SRW series. However if you are a diehard UC fan, you will be in absolute treat if you play this game and it is not impossible to understand the content as long as you are willing to learn the language(there are some available menu translations on the internet too). For now i am doing Gihren's campaign and i am taking slow pace for now. If i have some free time, i might consider to do some mini guide for this game as well.

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