Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SRW A Portable 2nd playthrough finished!

Just now i managed to finish my second playthrough after kicking Vindel's ass for the 2nd time. As you see i used Axel again with his Soulgain which is the official mecha that he piloted. I find is Axel is quite hilarious when he still lost his memory in the first half of the game as he is pretty silly especially when he used Genbu Goudan and shout Rocket Soul Punch! In this 2nd playthrough i spend most of my time getting most of my pilots reach 50 kills for Ace status and i find Shuffle Alliance is really strong. I also find Nadesico units to be great for the beginning of the game especially Akito which has one of the more useful Ace bonus where you will get extra Mars Bowl(restore 50 SP) when you bring him which are really great for boss fights and he can be quite powerful when you bring Gai along.

I also finally understand why people said Don Saucer in this game is terribly difficult, i would say this guy is much harder to fight compared with Vindel since this guy is virtually unhittable without lock-on seishin and even worse it has quite huge amount of HP and you had to fight him after fighting another boss which got 150k HP and hard to hit as well. If you don't upgrade your unit properly, you won't stand a chance against this guy for real.

With this i have completed all necessary preparation for me to work on Soulgain kits once it is released by Kotobukiya which i preordered one already. I might consider doing 3rd playthrough with Vaisaga though i won't be doing anytime soon at least until i finish my playthrough with SRW J.

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