Monday, October 17, 2011

1/144 Huckebein Mk III Review

AKA notGundam Mark III!

After few months in my backlog i managed to finish building 1/144 Huckebein Boxer and i will make 2 separate reviews for Huckebein Mk III and Boxer respectively and i will treat both of them as full review. Honestly the 1/144 Huckebein Boxer is the 2nd biggest SRW kit i have ever built and i have no regrets for spending considerable amount of money to get this kit.

Huckebein Mk III is the successor of Huckebein II created by Mao Industries as they find the performance of the MkII in OG1 to be satisfying and decided to create the successor model. Just like other Huckebeins, Mk III bears close resemblance with Gundam since they are homage to the series itself and some people consider them as bastard child of Gundam. Mk III shows for the first time in SRW OG2 around the middle of the series where it is considered to be one of the best Real Robot in terms of performance and 2 of them were deployed throughout the game. In the anime adaptation of SRW OG Inspector, Mk III didn't show up and replaced with ExBein instead which doesn't seem to be as powerful as Mk III. This is due to the decision made by Bandai as they it is rather inappropriate for Huckebeins to show up on anime series just like Divine Crusader.

The Primary weapon of Mk III is the Graviton Rifle which is its strongest default armament at the same time. Graviton Rifle is some kind of portable version of G Impact Cannon of Mk II which consume less energy but slightly weaker. However it enable Huckebein to use the Rifle at all time rather than being launched from the mothership.

The other armament that Mk III got is multi trace missile which is one of the best part that the kit got. I never recall Mk III had one in OG 2 but i suppose it is used for MAP attack.

The last 2 armaments of Mk III are the Roche Saber and Fang Slasher which is the replacement of Chakram Shooter of Mk II and both of them are considered as melee weapon. For some reason this kit has some weird way of holding the Fang Slasher.

Here is the comparison of 1/100 Mk II with 1/144 Mk III and obviously Mk III is way smaller. I am quite curious how SRC Exbein is compared with Mk III and whether it can use the Boxer Frame or not. If you are interested to get 1/144 Huckebein Mk III i would suggest to get Boxer as well since the price of Mk III itelf is around 5000 yen in YJA. Also please look forward for my Huckebein Boxer Review which i will upload tomorrow if possible.

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