Friday, October 14, 2011

1/144 Brasta announced!

Just saw this on /m/ and i am simply loss at words when i see Brasta is getting plamo treatment from Kotobukiya which seems to be announced in this year's model hobby show. I never expect that Brasta would get the plamo treatment that fast at least before Virgola or Gunleon had one but probably it has something to do with the series anniversary. The kit will be released next year with no further information regarding the date and price yet but i predict that it will be released around April with price tag of 4800 yen just like other most SRW kits. From the pics above the kit will at least come with the EAGLE gun with the sniper rifle parts along with the shield, i hope the kit will get the Bayonet parts as well along with the gimmick of the shield though i doubt the SPIGOT parts will be included for this kit.

Brasta itself is the original unit in this year's latest SRW installment which is SRW Z2 Hakai Hen and piloted by Crowe Burst. Brasta is protoype unit designed specifically for fighting against Jigenjuu/ Dimensional Beasts which are the original enemies in the series and it is possible that the unit will be upgraded in Saisei Hen which will be released next year as well.

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  1. Gunleon did get a kit but it's near impossible to find because it was a limited release at a festival some years ago.

  2. Yeah i think it was a garage kit and cost like over 10000 yen. I recall Virgola got one as well.