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Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade Review

A perfect Toy yet flawed as Action Figure

I don't really have much time to prepare a review around last 2 months due to i was at the end of my uni semester at that time. Anyway i plan to make up with more review which should be coming up more by next week but first i will review the Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade. Tekkaman Blade is one my favorite anime series that i have watched and one of the show which have some of great stuffs despite having some serious flaws with the animation. This is why i decided to get Armor Plus of Tekkaman Blade which happen to be the best rendition around and i managed to buy it from Mandarake as it is the only place that i can find for having reasonable price compared to Ebay scalpers.

Tekkaman Blade is the main protagonist of the Tekkaman Blade(duh), Blade is considered to be Power armor since the D-boy transform himself into tekkaman with Tekcrystal and Pegas later on and stands about 2 metres. At first he is identified as Humanoid lifeform who is the only one capable of destroying Alien lifeform called Radam as weapons possesed by Earth federation are obsolete against Radam. Tekkaman Blade is the base model for mass produced Sol-Tekkaman which are more ranged oriented unit. In terms of toughness, Tekkaman Blade is one of the stronger Power Armor out there as it possess powerful weapon called Voltekka which can decimate larger opponent like Gundam and Blade himself could even take a Nuclear bomb unscathed.

In terms of articulation, The Armor Plus version of Tekkaman blade is quite decent though it got some balance issue as some of the armor parts are cast from metal. The cool gimmick from the Armor Plus tekkaman is that you are able to assemble the armor of the tekkaman blade which is probably one of the selling point of the lineup. However the greatest flaw of this toy is that it is really hard to swap the hand due to tight ball-joints of the hand which may sometimes make it frustrating to put the hand.

The identity of Tekkaman Blade is D-Boy or Takaya Aiba, a man who was in a space explorary group along with his family who are the first human captured by Radam. D-Boy is rescued by his father in the middle of his forced Tekkaman transformation by Radam which makes his human heart intact. Under his father's command, he is told to return to Earth thwarting Radam invasion plan and where he fought the Radam by himself until found by Space Knights and joined them. Takaya get a nickname of D-Boy by Noal due to his reckless tendency when fighting against Radam.

D-Boy is probably one of the most tragic character in Mecha series(probably on par with chirico) due to the his story played out in Tekkaman Blade. In the series D-Boy have to fight his former comrades and siblings as they are controlled by Radam and he have no choice but to kill them. Along the way he also lost his beloved little sister as she sacrificed herself in vain to destroy Tekkaman Axe, Lance and Sword which put D-boy further down to despair. However the despair comes to the peak when he fought a final duel to death with his Rival, Tekkaman Evil who is his twin brother Shinya which caused him to be a true Tekkaman, a warrior consumed with hatred only exist to destroy Radam.

The Tekkaman form grants its wielder Superhuman strength including high adaptability in harsh environment like space and capable of killing Radam with ease. The main weapon of Tekkaman is the Tek-Lancer which are blades can be joined to be Two sided lance which is the main form that Blade use in a fight. Blade also have a shield which can give some decent protection against Radam's acid though practically useless against other Tekkaman and it can shoot harpoon to latch onto a platform or Radam. Later on Tekkaman Blade also got a new technique called Crash Intrude where he envelop himself  in energy and flying in High speed, destroying anything he cam across.


 The strongest armament of Blade would be Voltekka which is basically super death beam that have really high raw destructive power. To describe the power of Voltekka, If gundam can make Tekkaman Blade into hamburger with its Beam saber, probably Blade is also able to turn Gundam into space dust with the Voltekka with ease and it is even more powerful when Blade become Blaster form. One interesting notes about Voltekka is that the Seiyuu of Tekkaman Blade broke his microphone twice from recording the sound for Voltekka which is results in one of the most hotblooded scream and pretty much on par with Shining God Finger or Goldion Hammer,

 Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade is definitely must get for Tekkaman Blade fans especially if you can find it around 6000-8000 yen price range. This is by far the official release of Tekkaman Blade figure that has the best sculpt and detail though upcoming Figma would be great buy as well if you are looking for cheaper version. Recently i just bought Armor Plus Tekkaman Rapier which is on the way and i am also planning to get Sol-Tekkaman 2 which have the Armor Plus coming up in few months. Though i don't think i will get the Tekkaman Aki since i don't find the Tekkaman Blade 2 design really appeal for me.

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