Monday, June 25, 2012

Danball Senki LBX 014 Lucifer

Another LBX kit that i got my eye into which would be in my future buy-list. As the name implies, Lucifer is really imposing LBX used by one of main antagonist, Yagami Kousuke a Genius LBX battler who serve as one of the last boss in Danball Senki Game. Lucifer is also one of those special LBX like the one that Ban and Jin have as it can trigger powerful special mode as well. In the game Lucifer is no pushover opponent and you will probably have hard time fighting close combat with it especially with its 2 special Hissatsu function that are really powerful and exclusive to Lucifer. I would like to see Epsilon getting a kit by Bandai in the future and i will be putting up the game's review somewhere around next week.

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