Friday, January 4, 2013

Some more Volks A3 Fubuki shots

First post of the year! few while ago i promised i will be taking more shots of my Volks A3 Fubuki as a commemoration for the Total Eclipse anime and here it is! I took more Fubuki shots in Blast Guard pack and i would say Volks made the missile pod really well. Back in Muvluv Unlimited opening i saw UN version of Fubuki using Blast Guard equipment joining in supposedly Sadogashima operation. Though by Alternative Fubuki is totally rendered to be a practice TSF which is kinda a waste for such a sleek TSF design. In Total Eclipse Fubuki had a small screentime early in the anime where Yuuya complains it being such bad TSF before he gets to fall in love with Shiranui, Anyway here are the rest of the pics.

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