Sunday, January 20, 2013

Half-minute Hero

Played this game on my PSP before and now i play this game again on my Vita which i start from Hero 30 till Hero 3 mode. Half minute Hero is really enjoyable ride as it gives another refreshing experience of JRPG. Don't let the graphics fool you, while the game got 8 bit graphic the gameplay is something else and somehow it gives me same vibe with "Yuusha kuse ni Namaikida!" series which is a plus if you like that series. The game offer 6 modes of gameplay which initially you only got 3 modes and have to unlock the rest with 4 different main characters. Hero 30 is the main attraction in this game which you need to defeat evil lords within 30 seconds and you will spend most of your time in this mode. Sadly according to XSEED this game had their lowest sales record but it doesn't mean this game is bad. If you like classic JRPG this title probably worth your visit, if you are a graphic freak better look somewhere else.

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