Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Assault Suit Valken

Played this on my Android Phone and finished it a while ago. Assault suit Valken probably represents my favorite genre for niche Mecha game which is not much either. Valken is the 2nd Assault Suit series that i finished which is quite fun but not as good as Leynos 2. The gameplay is somewhat similar with Metal Slug but with Robots instead and the difficulty of the game is quite challenging considering it is rather old game. The Plot of the game is pretty simple but you can expect something else in the gameplay which is rather intense. The game spans around 7 stages which starts from space then slowly descend to earth along the game, you will get powerups which you need couple of them to upgrade your weapon up to 3rd level. my suggestion is to Max your Vulcan first then try to max out Laser once you get it which is really deadly weapon against both Grunts and bosses. If you haven't played this game yet better do because Assault Suit series is well known in mecha world despite being unheard in gaming world. Since i played it on my phone, i can't give much screenshot but at least i will show you my final score.

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  1. My high score is close to one million points, I have a screen shot of it if you'd like to see.