Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Date Masamune(Yokoyama Mitsuteru)

Not the one with "Put ya Guns On!" but it is quite interesting read. After reading Sangokushi, i am interested to read more Yokoyama Mitsuteru's work and came upon this manga. While Yokoyama is not the writer of the story, i find the series is quite interesting enough to keep reading the series. The story of the series is obviously about the life of one of the prominent Daimyo in Japan during Sengoku Jidai named Date Masamune. The series supposedly covers the entire life of Masamune and so far the translation covers up to the end of Momoyama period. Unlike the popular depiction in games and animes, Masamune in this manga is depicted as Shrewd man who is a capable politician rather than a warrior. But what makes the manga truly appealing for me is that it shows the political setting in Sengoku Jidai and shows some important event in the era and the catalyst of it. What surprise me is that Mitsunari Ishida is quite an ass and too ambitious at least what the manga depict while Tokugawa is virtuous and really shrewd at the same time but that's what makes this manga to be interesting. If you are a Sengoku Jidai fans for its history you should try read this manga.

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