Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Liger Zero Jaeger buildoff!

Picked up my hobby knife again  after being inactive for more than 6 months already. I just finished my LBX Odin and picked this Jaeger CAS units. Gotta say this is probably my favorite Liger Zero variants in terms of look because appearance wise, the HMM Liger Zero Jaeger is the coolest one out of Zero's CAS variants at least for me. Unlike my previous Liger Zero build i intend to do painted build for Jaeger which is rather straight forward unless i plan to make the kit looks more detailed. Just now i finished Sanding all of the parts for the Jaeger units which took about 2 hours which i bet Panzer would take much longer -_-;.


  1. Nice model how much it cost?

  2. The CAS Parts alone cost around 2000 Yen though the Whole Zero Jaeger will cost you around 6000 Yen if you didn't have the Liger Zero Model