Thursday, February 7, 2013

Variable Action Rahxephon

I have been waiting a good physical rendition of Rahxephon for a while already and finally Megahouse answered my wish by releasing this beautiful mecha in Variable Action lineup. The Figure is planned to be released on May this year with price close to 12000 yen and you can get it for 9330 yen in Amiami. I really want to get this figure straight away but due to the steep base price i guess i will be waiting for a while until the price dropped to 5000-6000 yen range. I suspect the possible cause of the expensive price tag is due to the license or limited production number since my Vardant being in the same lineup only have 6500 yen for the base price in the lineup.

I become interested with Rahxephon when i played SRW MX which Rahxephon is particularly remembered with its beautiful design and God-tier theme in SRW. I am currently watching the anime which i am up to 12th episode what i can say is that the series have no noticeable flow but no significant merit at the same time. Rahxephon has beautiful design for a mecha but it is not as flashy compared to other super robots which makes it doesn't really stand out.

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