Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fate Extra 1/8 Caster/Tamamo no Mae Review

I am not really a collector of figurine but i bought this figure from Amiami on a whim when i played Caster's route on Fate Extra. You might have seen a glimpse of the figurine from my Fate/Extra post about Caster's playthrough which is a few months ago. Since i am not a collector figurine i can't really appreciate this figure to the fullest but i would say the sculpt of the figure is decent quality but not as good as Alter's figurine out there. The figurine comes with modest content with the Caster figure along with Yata no Kagami which Caster swings around in the game as well as basic base for the figure to stand on which seems rather fragile. Tamamo in Fate/Extra is far from the accurate depiction of the Heian Folklore version since her very design is meant to pander Otakus being a Waifu material. I am not really fond of her new costume in CCC but at least give her route a try when the game comes out. If you are haven't played Fate/Extra, Caster's route is one of the more interesting one but definitely will be frustrating for first run.

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